The highest quality ingredients: so much goodness, without an ounce of badness. Just gluten free

No preservatives, colors, hydrogenated fats or palm oil

At Brio we believe that gluten free products should not only be tasty and balanced but we also prioritize flavor and nutrition.

Natural organic flours

We carefully select our premium ingredients beginning with our flours of rice, corn, buckwheat and chestnut. Always organic, always gluten free.

Animal and vegetable fats

Without a doubt we prefer butter instead of industrial magarines.For this reason, whenever needed we create our own mix of fats to bring you dairy free delectables. Using our own recipe, we mix rice and corn oil along with cocoa butter and the natural fats of hazelnuts and almonds. In this way you will have dairy free cookies that are just as crunchy and crumbly as the those containing butter. Tasting is believing!

What does artisanal mean

We carefully follow all the production processes because we want to give you unique baked goods, perfect in their imprefection.

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